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Sport X Tipster is one of the most trusted betting websites in the world. We have helped thousands of clients winning money, by giving them access to exclusive betting tips and predictions that some of the best european, asian and american tipsters are analyzing, betting and winning everyday.

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Sport X Tipster guarantees 100% satisfaction for all its services. Our tips are 100% verified by independent verifying services to ensure buyers are getting what they paid for. That motivates us to provide the highest quality tips for buyers. We are verified by big names such as Blogabet and Handicappers Watchdog. We also guarantee that if we do not achieve profit, the follwing month will be absolutely free of charge. The guarantee is available for all our subscription plans above 3 months.

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Our prediction are based mostly on asian handicap, money line and total goals, which can be found at most major bookies. We always predict games that punters can bet across the globe.






We are a team of tipsters originating from United Kingdom, Romania, Greece, Finland and Israel. Our main goal is to make punters money by giving them access to some of the most exclusive tips available online.

We are aware of the many scams taking place online right now, that's why we choose to verify all our tips and to send them to independent vertification services. We don't want a single suspicion on us, or our company, that's why we've chosen full transparency for both us and our costumers.


The combined years of betting experience is about 100 and the oldest tipster has 62 years old, a guy that has been betting for over 40 years and still counting.

We don't want to make public the identity of our tipsters, because they've chosen not to and it's against the policy of our company to do so. The identity of our insider sources still needs to remain confidential, because those sources work only with us and only deliver us their best tips. That also keeps the odds intact, because I'm sure you know that as a bet becomes public bet, the odds will drop, so does the value and the insider becomes just a ordinary tip.


With those things in mind, if you want to know more about our stories or simply want to chat with us, just drop us an email or contact us via our chat service and we'll be in touch in no time.