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Sport X Tipster is one of the most trusted betting websites in the world. We have helped thousands of clients winning money, by giving them access to exclusive betting tips and predictions that some of the best european, asian and american tipsters are analyzing, betting and winning everyday.

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Sport X Tipster guarantees 100% satisfaction for all its services. Our tips are 100% verified by independent verifying services to ensure buyers are getting what they paid for. That motivates us to provide the highest quality tips for buyers. We are verified by big names such as Blogabet and Handicappers Watchdog. We also guarantee that if we do not achieve profit, the follwing month will be absolutely free of charge. The guarantee is available for all our subscription plans above 3 months.

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Our prediction are based mostly on asian handicap, money line and total goals, which can be found at most major bookies. We always predict games that punters can bet across the globe.







1. What is is the No. 1 professional sports tipsters' website. We are not a bookmaker, we are a commercial website that sells betting advice, known as "picks" or "tips".
We consider the sports betting market to be a stock market, not a game. It is for making investments and, hopefully, profits.
Since 95% of sports bettors lose money, they definitely need help with starting to make profits.
So, we have selected the 15 professional punters that are a part of the 5% of winning bettors.
Every day, these professionals punters called “tipsters” post betting advice and opportunities on our website known as “picks” or “tips” relating to many sports.
2. Which Payment Options are available to me?
Our platform currently allows payment by all major credit cards, Paypal and Moneybookers.
3. How do I purchase picks?
To purchase our picks you have to follow three easy steps: 
1 – Choose a monthly subscription
2 – Choose your payment processor
3 – You've paid and you're now registerd in our database.
4. Will you provide to anyone my personal data (name, address etc.)?
We will not use your personal data without your authorisation (see the Private Policy section).
5. What are your pick posting times?
In general our analysts post their picks at lunchtime on the day of the match. In rare cases you may receive them on the day before the match. In any case, you will always receive the picks at least 2 hours prior to the official start of the match.
6. What is the deadline for receiving a pick from a tipster?
All picks are posted at least 2 hours before the game.
7. What is the average number of tips a tipster posts per month?
This depends on each analyst’s approach. About 40 picks a month would be the average, although there may be months with more or fewer event. All of our tipsters only post picks on when they are fairly confident about the game. It is much more a quality approach than a quantity one.
8. Sport X Tipster Certification and Proofing
All the picks are monitored and certified by
Our tipsters post their picks any time between 12 to 2 hours before the matches. As soon as a pick is posted on our site, it is sent automatically by email to our two third-party proofing bodies. They then check whether or not the picks have really been posted before the games and that the odds are correct in comparison with the main bookies.
Modifying picks during or after the match is not permitted. All picks are published at least 2 hours before the match begins.
9. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
10. Contact Us
You can contact us by email by filling in the form on the Contact page.